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3 Things You Need to Know About the Perfect Baby Loss Gift

3 Things You Need to Know About the Perfect Baby Loss Gift

Is there a perfect gift when a friend has lost a baby? The perfect gift is love and support. You can show your love and support in many different ways, it does not always involve something you buy. However, if you decide to buy a gift, here are some considerations:. 

  1. The fact that you are thoughtful enough to purchase a loss gift means you are on the right track. The most hurtful thing for a loss mom is when people who care about her do not acknowledge the death of her baby and avoid talking about it.
  2. Loss Mom's fear that the memory of their baby will be forgotten.  Giving them a remembrance item is a loving way to acknowledge the baby and keep their memory alive. 
  1. Choosing a gift can be overwhelming. Don’t worry, choose something that you would like to receive if you were going through the same pain. What makes the gift perfect is that you are thoughtful enough to honor the baby lost and in doing so you are loving the loss family.

We offer a broad selection of remembrance prints for loss families. We have  gifts for families who have miscarried or experienced still birth or the death of an infant. We make personalized prints and always send a proof, giving you the opportunity to request changes. We work with you to make it special and perfect for the loss family.  We care about loss families and we are here to help you love & support the hurting family in your life. 

Another way to love and support a loss family is to remember the birthday or heavenly birthday of their sweet baby.  Time may pass but the babies are forever in the families hearts and they feel loved when you remember this with them. Mother's Day is another time that is particularly painful for loss moms, whether their child is with them or in heaven, they are always a mother and will always love their child. 

Lisa Giordano

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