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Just Show Up


 Just Show Up

   So many people want to know how they can support someone dear to them who has lost a baby.  There are so many things you should NOT do such as avoiding that person or avoiding the subject.  Be at peace, you do not have to have any answers, you do not have to try to fix anything, you simply need to love them. Loving them can be shown in different ways but one of the most loving things you can do is “just show up”.  Show up in their lives, be available to listen, sit with them in the pain, stay close to them and ask about their baby.

   And after days, months and even years pass by, remember their heavenly baby with them.  There is not a lot you need to say, showing up speaks volumes reminding them they are not alone and they are loved and their baby will never be forgotten. Thank you to all the dear friends in  my life who showed up and loved me.


Lisa Giordano

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