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My friend is a loss mom - should I acknowledge Mother’s Day?

My friend is a loss mom - should I acknowledge Mother’s Day?

The short and sweet answer to this is a resounding YES, absolutely.  Mother’s who have lost babies/children are especially in need of being acknowledged on Mother’s Day.  But some people ask, “if I acknowledge Mother’s Day, won’t that make them sad and feel hurt?”.  They may feel sad but they will not be hurt by you remembering them on Mother’s Day. In fact, it is very precious to them to be remembered because they are still a mother. Even if their baby/child is not with them, they are still a mother and love their child with all their heart.

How should I acknowledge Mother’s Day for my friend who is the loss mom? A simple note goes a long way, telling her that you are thinking of her on Mother’s Day as she remembers her sweet child. Specifically saying the child’s name is very important to loss moms also. We offer a free personalized file called “I Love to Hear Your Name” if you wish to request one for the loss mom in your life.

There are other tangible gift ideas also.  A remembrance print such as a personalized family tree which includes all members of the family with the flying bird representing the heavenly baby. Or a print specifically for the heavenly baby such as our Baby in Hands series, which is personalized with the baby’s name and date.   Of course, there are many other ways to remember Mother’s Day for a loss mom, flowers, jewelry, a text, or a call. The most important thing is that you do remember and acknowledge Mother’s Day, it will mean so much to the loss mom. You will show her how much you care for her and love her.

Lisa Giordano

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