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This is the list of babies/children with Heavenly Birthdays in August.

Please join us in praying for these families.
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Preston Jenison
Camden Thogerson
Ezekiel Jonathan
1st - Jakob Waterhouse
1st - Mackenzie Mae Sylvia Hutchins
1st - Johanna Shaninga
1st - M. Nasim
2nd - Josiah Brien
2nd - Ashly Matthews
2nd - Willow Kate Struve
2nd - Kona Sione Marshall
3rd - Anders Immanuel & Harper Iris
3rd - Liam Nicco
4th - Thomas Edward Lloyd
4th - Stella Rae Martin
5th - Wes
5th - Gianna Elizabeth Meaux
5th - Grayson Michael
5th - Lyla Ann Weldon
5th - Caleb Iredell Schwartz
6th - Lysander Immanuel
6th - Mila Scott Blakeley
7th - Alberto Fabrizio.
7th - Khalil Raphael Rivers
7th - Gunner Weldon Pearson
7th - Elijah James
7th - Ryder James McElhaney
8th - Jaxon Jame Atwood
8th - Mara Mae
9th - Olivia Grace Haile
9th - Eden Joy Banghart
10th - Phoenix Aloris Torrey
10th - Isabelle Eve Martinez
11th - Adeline Kelly Campbell
11th - Arabella Mathues
11th - Angel Baby Jones
12th - Sylvia Paloma Mendoza
12th - Caden McKinley
12th - Alice Rose Welch
13th - Noah Andre Alvarez
13th - Reid Rousey
13th - Eloise
14th Alessandra Galicia
14th - Maissie Felicity Dy
14th - Rose Morales
15th - Eliza Gwendolyn
15th - Gaige Marenger
16th - Piper Rose Parker
16th - Ella Grace
17th - Brennan
17th - Waverly Maeve Gray
18th - Josiah Jaxson
18th - Lani Marlene
19th-26th - Harpe Aroha Hemi
19th - Beau Thomas Brierley
20th - November
20th - Ryan Elizabeth Glanzmann
23rd - Violet Macaria Sanchez
23rd - Aiden Bryant
23rd - Michael Anthony Trevino
23rd - Jonah Gabriel
24th - Natalie Freeman
24th - Gabriel Ballard
25th - Charleston Mae
25th - Chase Christopher Fisher
25th - Leighton Elizabeth Guillot
26th - Sebastian Kundan Patel
26th - Mateo Isaac Martinez Gallegos
27th - Thomas James Whitney Jr.
27th - John Raymond Morris
27th - Dwayne Darnell Bowser
27th - Baby Robertson
27th - Rosie Angel Fontenot
28th - Gordon Charles Krysiak
28th- Estevan Marcos Rodriguez
30th - Caleb Michael Shoemaker
30th - Raelynn Christine
30th - Shayen Vara
30th - Marly Marie
8.30.2013-8.6.2015 Aiden William Beck
31st - Harper Rae Kamp
31st - Noah David Panchuk

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