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This is the list of babies/children with Heavenly Birthdays in December.

Please join us in praying for these families.
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​Baby Girl Bruns
1st -Grayson Alexander
1st - Beau Mbadi
1st - Bethel Mbadi
1st - Hannah Saige Frazenburg
2nd - Avery Marie Marquez
3rd - Jax Smith
3rd - Jayna Rose
4th - Beau Johnston
5th - Vida Elyse
5th - Connor Joseph
3.16.19 - 12.5.19 - Joseph Miles
5th - Matthew Raul
6th - Noah Zephyr Herring
6th - Talia Chesed Wong
6th - Aiden and Carson Kooiker
7th - Jaxon Joe Perry
9th - Lydia Sue
9th - Emma Rae
9th - Isaac Sewall
9th - Ella Lynne Johnson
9th - Regina Moreno
9th - Brooks Nathaniel
9th - Ayla Kaye
9th - Bug Lea
10th - Logan
10th - Emily Elizabeth Butcher
11th - Lilah Irene Marenger
11th - Matthew Lawrence Nagel
11th - Kaleb
11th - Everly Lyons
11th - Andrew Paul
12th - Adrian Miles
13th - Caden Jude Rush
13th - Boone Ryan Jensen
13th - Chloe Elaine
13th - Keva Faith
13th - Heidi- Louise
13th - Eli John James Cowie
14th - Killian Welton Strait
14th - Baby Grinton
14th - Robert William Pursley
15th - Liam Michael
15th - Everlee Mae
15th - Baby Skywalker
15th - Benjamin James Griffin
15th - Evelyn Capri Houston
16th - Boo Bradley
16th - Seven
17th - Nico Bobby
17th- Montgomery
18th - Zane Salas
19th - Elsie Anne
19th - Elliott &Ensley
19th - Alicia Alvarado
20th - Liam Stine
20th - Mylie Grace
20th - Zoe
21st - Kallen Elisha
21st - Jase Edmund Resendes
23rd - Adam Bertram
23rd - Charlie Kai Morrow
24th - Ethan & Elijah
24th - Hannah Grace Gackstetter
24th - Pine Butler
24th - Angelo Jesus Trevino
25th - Kain Kohen
25th - Carson Hill
25th - Baby T3
25th Lochlann Quinn
26th - Rose Robason
26th - Gabe Shelton
27th - Caroline Rose Heard
27th - Greyson Nathaniel
28th - Christopher Jack Flintosh
28th - Rylan Kyle Adkins
28th - Hattie Mae
28th - Breyer Jay
28th - Stephen Michael Collins
29th - Robert Allen Knox Miller
29th - Z.M.C.
29th - Joseph Christensen
30th -Paxton Miguel
30th - Catherine Angelina
30th - Locklynn James Dick
30th - Ryan, Blayke & Carson Matczak
30th - Declan Russell Hehir
30th- Gabriel Isaac Barco Vicente
31st - Joshua Matthew
31st - Zoe Rae Hayes
31st - Everett

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