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This is the list of babies/children with Heavenly Birthdays in February.

Please join us in praying for these families.
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1st - Celeste Mary
1st - Baby J
1st - Connie Stokes
2nd - Adley Mae Byers
2nd - Asher Jude
2nd-Lucy Grace
2nd- Hayden Gullion
2nd - Baby Toomey
3rd - Frances Joy
3rd - Edgar Hebert
3rd - Sammy Scanlan
3rd - George Alexander
3rd - Finn Wilder
4th - Max Rowan and Marley Rhys Allen
4th - Jameson Dean Pimentel
4th - Benjamin Kjemtrup
4th - Alexander Rodriguez
4th - Baby Neta
4th - Madison Lee Jensen
4th - Wilhelmina June DeMarco
5th - William Alex
5th - Elizabeth Arenas
5th - Tirza
6th - Airym and Arabella
6th - Abram Jacob
6th - Josie Kate
6th - Scotti Rose
6th - Tully Jesse Tuttle
6th - Morgen Hevel Woods
7th - James
7th- Ezra
8th - Davina Jean Link
8th - Gabriel Alexander Ruiz
9th - Noah James Hackett
10th - Tikvah
10th - Lennon Melissa Nechetsky
10th - Emma Rose
11th - Oliver Leonard
11th - Grace Lynn
11th - Cora Jane
11th - Eleanor Rose Comperatore
11th - Thea Quinn Fahey
11th -Josephine Lily DiMaggio
12th - David Cruz Jr.
12th - Owen Benson
12th - Bubbly twins
12th- Noah
12th - Pruitt Baby
13th - Noble Wells Childers
13th - Chloe Flores Eggen
13th - Everett Joseph Gatlin
13th - Jaxon Theodore Beller
13th - Madison Claire Kushnir
14th - Madilyn Hazel
14th - Ryan-Joy Cruz Rosario
14th - Isabella Rose
14th Zara Rose & Mila Grace
14th - Izzy Nicole St. George
14th - Mary Giovanna Giada
15th - Louie Marks
15th- Juan A Sobin
16th - Baby Suszko
16th - Fletcher James Gibbs
16th - Venus
17th- Christian
18th - Stella Rose Davis
18th - Zoey Rey
19th - Asher Ray Lied
19th - Cam Isaac
19th - Harper Ray Picciano Butcher
19th - Baby Bell
19th - James Antonio & Henry Ivan Dougherty
20th - Jaxton Cooper Reed McCormick
20th - Nolan Eaton
20th - Giuliana Mikaela Rose
20th - Mason Jeffrey West
20th - Jack Thomas Swaim
20th - Charlie David
21st - Genesis Lumière
22nd - Liam Michael
22nd - Beckett Allen
22nd - Alexa Monson
22nd - Charlie Caetano - O' Leary
22nd - Isaac Amador
23rd - Violet Rae Albury
23rd - John Major
23rd - Moriah Torres
23rd- Giovanni Elias Castro
23rd - Benjamin
24th- Jessica Jean Azadi
25th - Abby Faith
25th - Jasmine
25th - Luca William Pelter
25th - Nova
26th - Isabella Marie
26th - Ellington "Ellie" Paige Deboard
26th - Zofia Aleksandra Regent
26th - Brynn Elizabeth Fraser
26th - Amanda Peet
27th - Remi Ann
27th - Blaire Mckinley Miletello
27th - Elliot Jensen
2.27.19-3.4.19 - Francesco Palacios-Biele
28th - Hannah Catherine Jean Lenehen
28th - Baby Salas
28th - Sirius Howard
29th - Baby Spoerer
29th - Phoenix Ori
29th- Millie Vale "MVP"

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