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Please join us in praying for these families who have dear children in heaven.

The current month's birthdays are shown below, 
or you can view another month by clicking on it below:
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Click here to send me a message to add a child's name/date


1st - Ava Marie Milne
1st - Jane
2nd - Hudson Lane Ewing
2nd - Teddy Oliver
2nd - Laurel Kamile
2nd - Rhett Franklin
2nd - Hayden Wong
2nd - Avelyne Philip Morgan
2nd - Logan Andrew Martinez
3rd - Lova
3rd - Airlangga Lanang Mandiri
3rd- Evelyn Rae Feltner
3rd - Willa Hain Trigg
4th - Liam Joseph
4th - Gordon Howard
4th - Baby Van Eck
5th - Archy James Darnell
5th - Jensen Grey Ridgway
5th - Evan Victor
8th - Enzo Charles Wilcox
8th - Samuel John Brubaker
9th - Ella Grace
9th - Emma Elizabeth Hernandez
9th - Lubbertus van de Raad
10th - Guilherme Silva Cardoso
10th - Daniel and Michael Gannon
11th - Baby Eneriz
11th - Almonte Gomez Twins
11th - Herma Ross
12th - Ava Grace Lopez
12th - Hannah Catherine Delaney
12th - Kira Elise
12th-19th - Daniela Martinez
13th - Lincoln Matthew
14th - Landon Glenn
14th – Asher John
15th - Marco Cordova
16th - Owen Robason
17th - Celine Spoerer
17th - Estrella
19th - Elaina Grace
20th - Bay M
20th - Hazel Adaline
20th - Rhea Sunshine Simpson
21st - Phoenix Emerald
21st - Alexis Brianna Griego
21st - Dalun Roderick Reid Wood
21st - Bodhi Cain
23rd - Kaia
23rd - Michele Leia
24th - Baby Dunlap
24th - Autumn Rae
25th - Baby Beau
25th - Colton Thomas Juchniewicz
25th - Kelly Kade Nuttall
26th - Isabella Marie
26th - Ryan Christopher Conley
28th - Jett Dean Lorence
29th - Michael Paul Foltin
29th - Banks Austyn Matthews
30th - Piper Eden
30th - Baby Sarafin

rev: 4.4.20

Lexi who has written some of the blogs for A Beautiful Remembrance has a beautiful ministry called Grayce & Kindness  As a loss mama she also has a heart to bring comfort to other loss mamas and their families.  As part of her ministry she started Heavenly Birthday lists for all who want to join us in praying for these families.  Currently Lexi & I take care of these lists and pray for these families.

Lexi is wife to Cameron and mom to three babies: Grayson in heaven and daughters Aurelia and Aurora in her arms.  She is a stay at home mom who enjoys serving at church, reading, writing, indoor plants, and chasing after her littles.  She has lived in Southern California her whole life.  She and her husband love taking the girls on adventures camping, to Disneyland, and back home to Cameron's families in Texas and Kentucky. Lexi also has a ministry called Grayce and Kindness, you can see more on her website (


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