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Please join us in praying for these families who have dear children in heaven.

The current month's birthdays are shown below, 
or you can view another month by clicking on it below:
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1st - Baby Ray
1st - Carly Anne
1st - Miranda Isabel Araque
1st - Nathaniel Richard
1st - Owen Michael
1st - Marshall Andrew
1st - Gabriel
1st - Eden Jaymes Randell
1st - Baby Cake
1st - Ray & Alfred Kennedy
2nd - Noah Michael
2nd - Trey
3rd - Hannah Dube
3rd - Nash Taylor
3rd - Amelia Gray Slama
4th - Hallie-Mae Fleming
4th - Mary Glen
5th - Marleigh Christine Crutcher
5th - Hudson Drake Roberts
5th - Jose Luis Salgado
5th - Elle Rose
5th - Jessica Christina Corps
April 24th - May 5th - Alexandria Jade
6th - Nicolas James Winston
6th - Jade
6th - Raphael Angel Catano
5.6.21-9.8.21 - Bentley
7th - Lilah Grace Watson
7th - Paloma Terra
8th - Shylah Hope
8th - Leo & Tyler Brightman
8th - Kai Ellison
9th - Poppy Elizabeth Grace
9th - Isaac Ree
9th - London Joy
9th - Kevin Edward Conway
5.9.13-6.1.13 Oliver James Bolthouse
10th - Eden Angel
10th - Faith & Hope
10th- Margaret Bernice McConnell
10th - Little G Rizarri
10th - Patrick Nikolas Heslin
10th - Kathryn Walsh
10th - Thomas Bulovcsak
10th - Joseph Marie
11th - George Lloyd
11th- Rae George
11th - Saar
11th - Aubrey Elise
12th - Madaline Grace
12th - Layla Rose Goddeau
12th - Ashlynn M
12th - Isaac Justin & Evelyn Rose
5.12.20-5.25.20 Hayden Jayce Andrews
13th - Landon Xavier Goddeau
13th - Chloe Tupou
13th - Elowen Evie
13th - Madison Ann
13th - Loseli Temika Pahulu
13th - Jimi
14th-21st - Simon Adam Balentine
14th - Aaron Lee Baxter
14th - Cora Jo Beseda
14th - John Jacob Duggan
14th - Oliver Randall Miller
15th - Janos Kelly
15th - Nathan Daniel Carper
15th - Abigail
15th - Leighton & Harper
15th - Corbyn Elizabeth Reign
15th - Baby girl Zoe Vivienne Kwock
15th - Ella Mae
15th - Mason Allen Grover
16th - Addison Faith
16th - Baby River Jeremiah
16th - Ximena Esperanza Flores
16th - Chelsea Hurley
16th - Eveliina Milja-Ann
16th - Noelene Hope
16th - Layne Isaac
17th - Baby “Butterfly"
17th - Hope Zoe Young
18th - Harrison Axel Esquinaldo
18th - Benedict Nate
18th - Henry Wayne
18th - Mila
19th - Baby Howieson
19th - Sebastian Morales
19th - Grayson Joseph Porter
19th - Beauden James Cho
19th - Isabel Faith Lopez-duval
20th - Ashton Stark
20th - Corbin Lewis
20th - Zoe Layne Pun
20th - Leah Ramona Hernandez
20th - Olivia Grace Koch
20th - Mila Kennedy
20th - Immachiara
20th - Isabella Sophie
21st - Nova Lee
22nd - Baby Downey
22nd - Harper Jane VanHal
22nd - Ezekiel Wayne
22nd - Kingsley Mateo Olivas
22nd - Baby girl Kaitlyn
22nd - Bowie Hicks
23rd - Emma Rose Wing
23rd - Charlie Roy
23rd - Matthew
24th - Juliet Rose
24th - Lauren Rose Carlson
24th - Faith Balgaard
25th - Emma Lee Naylor
25th - Angel Young
25th - Lydia
25th - Leo Lucian Gomez-Manly
26th - Chase David Naylor
26th - BeLyve I. Crayton
26th - August Christopher
26th-Hope Cunsolo
26th - Caleb Joseph Douglass
26th - Viona Jayne
27th - Callum Jay
27th - Ella Maria
27th - Zachary Tyler
28th - Baby Breese
29th - TJ Rice
29th - Cash Jay-Watts
29th - Lucas Camren
29th - Lillian James Ziegler
29th - Aidan Christopher Davis
29th - Athanasius Joel
29th - Quitman Hayes Turner
30th - Avery Faith
30th - Caeden M. Espiritu
30th - Baby Sapko
30th - Genesis Lumiére Hall
30th - Elizabeth Grace
30th - Kochava
30th - Callie Rose Roberts
30th - Raine
31st- Charlie Samuel

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Lexi who has written some of the blogs for A Beautiful Remembrance has a beautiful ministry called Grayce & Kindness  As a loss mama she also has a heart to bring comfort to other loss mamas and their families.  As part of her ministry she started Heavenly Birthday lists for all who want to join us in praying for these families.  Currently Lexi is busy with mom-life with 3 littles and our shop is now taking care of the Heavenly Birthdays.

Lexi is wife to Cameron and mom to 4 babies: Grayson in heaven and daughters Aurelia and Aurora in her arms, and a new baby boy - Blanton.  She is a stay at home mom who enjoys serving at church, reading, writing, indoor plants, and chasing after her littles.  She has lived in Southern California her whole life.  She and her husband love taking the girls on adventures camping, to Disneyland, and back home to Cameron's families in Texas and Kentucky. Lexi also has a ministry called Grayce and Kindness, you can see more on her website (


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