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Please join us in praying for these families who have dear children in heaven.

The current month's birthdays are shown below, 
or you can view another month by clicking on it below:
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Baby Skelton
Meredith Hope
1st - Kloey Madyson Beller
1st - Josie Cate
1st - Tigerlily Faith
1st - Jack Jonathan Somers
2nd - Oliver Leonard Harrison
2nd - Corrie Evan
3rd - Aurora Marie
3rd - Baby A
3rd - Valentina
4th - Alfie Brave
5th - Grant
5th - Jay J. Trujillo - Sanchez
6th - Aleef
6th - Jacob Michael Jr.
6th - Emerlynn Khloe Chang
7th - Baby Heaps
7th - River
7th - Baby Jeffcoat
9th - Nathaniel Joseph Reeves
9th - Taylor Reese
10th - Lucy Wren Burkhart
10th - Autry & Asher
10th - Kenadee Mae Lewin
11th - Victoria Alexandria Gonzalez
12th - Madeleine Grace Klein
12th - Baby Seubert
12th - Rene Segovia Jr.
13th - Kassandra Elizabeth
13th - Blake Jaxon Lake ​
13th - Ashton
13th - Abigail
13th - Jackson Everett
13th - Clayton Ross Paul
13th - Baby Lawrence
14th - Baby Medina
14th - Evan Gray
14th - Kyle Kioko
14th - Ryker Montgomery
14th - Claire Rebekah Rose
14th - Chance Agius
14th - Caleb Hames Freamon
14th - Noelle Joy
15th - Benson Wyatt, Aurli & Averette
15th - Sofia Victoria Davidson
15th - Baby Zadekiel S. Montemayor
15th - Ethan Paul and Owen Tanner
15th - Madison Avery Mitchell
15th - Nia Wanjiru
9.23.2008 -11.15.2008 Julian Luis Yani
16th - Alex Jasper Reese
17th - James Daniel Davila
17th - Taylor
17th - Kinley Rosina
17th - James Daniel Davila
17th - Chrysanthemum Styer
18th - Wyatt Anthony Koller
19th - Baby Davis
19th - Duluth Lee Anda
19th - Robert James
21st - Jager James Watson
21st - Josiah David Witt
22nd - Jaxx L. Davis
22nd - Charley Ruth
22nd - Sara Michelle Davis
23rd - Serafina
25th - Brecken Danrek Novotny
26th - Lorenzo Lopez
27th - Gracelyn Kate Smith
27th - Patyn Hope
27th - Liliana Torres
27th - Roman Xavi
27th - Sealy Robason
28th - Adalynn Hannele Haws
28th - Nehemiah Jared
29th - Rex
29th - Drayton Mitchell
29th - Jackson Wayne
30th - Sydney Grace

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Lexi who has written some of the blogs for A Beautiful Remembrance has a beautiful ministry called Grayce & Kindness  As a loss mama she also has a heart to bring comfort to other loss mamas and their families.  As part of her ministry she started Heavenly Birthday lists for all who want to join us in praying for these families.  Currently Lexi & I take care of these lists and pray for these families.

Lexi is wife to Cameron and mom to three babies: Grayson in heaven and daughters Aurelia and Aurora in her arms.  She is a stay at home mom who enjoys serving at church, reading, writing, indoor plants, and chasing after her littles.  She has lived in Southern California her whole life.  She and her husband love taking the girls on adventures camping, to Disneyland, and back home to Cameron's families in Texas and Kentucky. Lexi also has a ministry called Grayce and Kindness, you can see more on her website (


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