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Infertility Mamas Prayer List (scroll down for Free Graphic Offer)

Please join us in praying for these sweet ladies who are experiencing infertility challenges.  If you would like to have your name added please use our Contact Form or you can email Lisa at

Jennifer F
Kay W
Tanya Bain

rev - 11.17.2020

The Story Behind This Prayer List

Many of you may be familiar with our Heavenly Birthday Lists &  posts for families who have lost babies. As I scrolled through my Instagram feed and see all the precious mamas who have lost I also see another group of sweet mamas who are battling infertility. Some of these infertility mamas have lost babies, and some of them have not experienced pregnancy.  My heart breaks for all mamas who have lost babies and those longing for babies. Even if you have not become pregnant yet, you are a mama in my eyes because your longing and desire for a baby is a mother’s heart.  For some time now I have been trying to think of a way to include the infertility mamas in our loop, to pray for them and love them through difficult times. Then I asked an infertility warrior about an idea I had about a prayer list specifically for Infertility Mamas and she thought it would be a wonderful idea. So here we are – if you are an infertility warrior and would like us to pray for you, we will be maintaining a prayer list which will be posted monthly and will be available to see at any time on social media – IG, Pinterest, Facebook and my here on the website.

Would you like us to add your name to our list? If prefer to just give your first name that is fine.   Please send us your name via our Contact Form and we will add you to our list and it will be our privilege to pray for you.

The beautiful graphic you see on this post is an art piece from Liana .  This drawing is called “The Missing Piece” which is very fitting.  This graphic will be our symbol for this list, for our new Infertility Mamas Prayer List.


Free graphic for infertility mamas - click on the link below for your free 5x7 high resolution JPEG file.  

Click Here for High-Resolution File
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