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This is the list of babies/children with Heavenly Birthdays in January.

Please join us in praying for these families.
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Baby Jenison
Hope Marie Banda
1st - Eden Henry
1st - Ellis Gray Vardaman
1st - Chance Heisel
2nd - Sydney Kate Adkins
3rd - Benjamin Daniel
4th - Henry Thomas Reif
4th - Hadessah Jane
4th - Lydia Joy
4th - Maisie
4th - Baby Gael
5th - Rosie
5th - Hayden Verstandig Claridge
5th - Adelynn
5th - Emily Hernandez
8.28.21-1.5.22 Peter Obadiah Pangelinan
6th - Dale Cameron
6th - Alain
6th - Clayton Bennington Misawa
6th - Thomas Ryan
6th - Henandez
6th - Baby J
6th - Stevie Gene Fox
6th - Peanut
7th - Oliver Allen Webber
7th - Angel Quinn
8th - Baby Reents
8th - Asher Ford Miller
9th - Kaius Charles
9th - Silas Robert
9th - Caleb James
9th- Evelyn Nicola Schmidt
9th - Myles Devin
10th - Carter James Thogerson
10th - Madison Rose Gase
10th - Ruby
10th - Ella Jade Gentile
10th- Grace "Ladybug"
10th - Ruby Jacqueline Averill
10th - Hope Hailey Horton
11th - Ella Florence
​11th - Eugenia
11th - Brooklyn
11th - India Frances Coleman
11th - Bentley Jorge Carranza
11th - Carson James
11th - Baby Angel
11th - Averly Ann Owens
12th - Gabriella Marie Fleites
12th - Evander Ernesto Aguilar
12th - Hope MacDonald
12th - Aoibhe Rose
12th - Luke William
12th - Archie Brain
12th - Damon Joseph
13th - Knox Daniel
13th - Edward Arthur Akroyd
13th - Baby Deery
13th - Shelby Grace Tomlin
13th - Lillian Rose Dial
14th - Alesana
14th - “Orlando Tracy aka cutie”
14th - Bella Strong
14th - Daniel Thomas
15th - Elias Hope Lopez
15th - Noah Olmo
15th - Dillon Wyatt Hurd
15th - Jayvaughn
15th - Wynter Symone
15th - Ivan Rey Bejarano
15th - Isabella
15th - Garrett Robert Harrison
16th - Peanut
16th - Cooper Frederick Veenstra
16th - Arden Rhys McKewen
16th - Theo Maverick
17th - Myles Lorenz McLaughlin
17th - Baby Robinson
17th - Francis & Gabriel
17th - Clementine Kate
17th- Olivia Mae Taylor
18th - Nolan Jarryd
18th - Magnolia Eloise
18th - Mia
18th - Matylda Danelska
18th - Leonel
18th - Ivy Elle
1.18.19-10.4.19 - Adelin Mary Perez
1.18.22-1.31.22 Martin Andres Morales
19th - Alice Margaret
19th - Nolan Grey McGregor
19th - McKenzie Ava
19th - Levi Gray
19th - Lily Belle
1.20.90-1.23.90 - Matthew Aaron Hacker
20th - Isabel Marie Garcia
20th - Jett Hunter
20th - Luna Ivy Paulina Cook
21st - Matheo Edward Gustave Carriere
21st - Grayson Ishmael
21st - Eli Benneth
21st - Gentry Paige Williams
21st - Carter Moore Oldehoff
21st - Colbie J House
21st - Patricia
21st - Scarlett Sienna Grant
21st - Apollo
22nd- Vianna Isabel Pena
22nd - Journee
22nd- Chilyn Granger
22nd-Isla Jacqui Louise Wilkins
23rd - Belle
24th - Scarlett Cecilia Jenks
24th - Dayna Janelle
24th - Baby Strawberry Keeler
25th - Eleanor Claire
25th - Tiny Little Angel
26th - Hailey Grace
26th - Jase James
26th - Kenneth Christopher Civil III
27th - Isabella Goldin Park
27th- William MIchael Hicks
28th - Abigail Otabil
28th - Theodore Edward "Tek" Kon
29th - Asher Joel
29th - Emery Mae
30th - Rhyan Ava Dinburg
30th- Jackson John Grant
30th- Hazel Madeline West
30th - Jacob Lloyd Jones
30th - Angela Joselyn & Angela Jakeline
31st - Coraline Fallon
31st – Molly
31st - Abigail Grace
1.18.22-1.31.22 Martin Andres Morales

Rev 3.23.22
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