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This is the list of babies/children with Heavenly Birthdays in July.

Please join us in praying for these families.
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1st - Kaison
1st - Younis Yousuf​​​​
2nd - Parker Grace
2nd - Levi Luke
2nd - Holland Jane
2nd - Delilah Mariel Arteaga
3rd - Molly Thomas
4th - Aurora
4th - Valentina Aviles Alvarez
6th - Cora Anne Jacobs
7th - Sullivan Kremer
8th - Mira Azalea
8th - Laniel Wyatt
9th - Cullen Jordan Neil
9th-Augustine Ross
10th - Hope Roberson
11th - Charlie Beau Pana
11th - Bennett Olney
12th - Baby Lubanzi
13th - Baby Bee
14th - Carly Teresa Foell
14th - Issac Kole Cleveland
14th - Jedidiah Mathis
15th - Greyson William Johnson
15th - Hugh James Jackson IV
16th - Lillian Ruth
16th - Tait Lucas
17th - Elise Charlotte
17th - Jacqueline Marvella Trejo
18th - Ezekiel Erskine Wu
18th - Kendall Morgan
20th - Aiden Basheer Tribou
20th - Addison James Lester
20th - Stella Claire
20th - Mason Ryan
20th - Henry Joseph Mehciz
20th - Rosa Arguile
21st - Gavyn Everly
21st - Sabrina Natale Pizarro
21st - Baby Sanchez
22nd - Haven Faith Mara Gavini
22nd - Kinsey Rae
22nd - Liliana Kathleen Talbot
23rd - Camden Everett Kerns
23rd - Lincoln Gabriel Issa
24th - Evelyn June
25th - Lindsey Faith
26th - Peter John-Paul
27th - Sadie Belle
27th - Kyleigh Simone
27th - Dwayne Darnell Boswer
27th - Simon Lucas Swick
28th - Baby Craffey
28th - Julian Thomas
28th - Baby Craffey
31st - Campbell James Dillon
31st - Ethan Richard Wahler

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