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This is the list of babies/children with Heavenly Birthdays in June.

Please join us in praying for these families.
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1st - Selah
1st - Yara Malaika Choolwe Kapundu
1st - Kayson and Kaleb Lesa
5.9.13-6.1.13 Oliver James Bolthouse
2nd - Isabella Marie
2nd - Emily Esther Gonzalez
3rd - Stacy June & Grace Evelyn Saucedo
3rd - Emma Grace
3rd - Aurora Gullion
3rd - Carlos Lamar Jynx Hughes
4th- Maisie Scarlett
4th - Arlie Gray Owens
4th - Raelyn Jo
4th - Lennyn Allan Mendoza
4th - Hattie June
4th - Emery June Eckert
4th - Ravi Joseph
4th - Orhan
5th - Jasper Nolan Rose Bennett
5th- Elliot Helzer
5th- Clint Daniel Kenney
6th - Grace River Thea
6th - Daniel Burdon
6th - Dixon Monroe Rae
6th - Haisley Quinn & Rowan Isley
6th- Daniel Jacob Kimber
6th - Morgan Brielle Cooper
7th - Axten Wayne Chilton
7th - Soñar
8th - Callie Hayes Callahan
8th - Lincoln Patrick Finneran
8th - Masina Yoshiko Mendiola
9th - Nora Rose
9th - Aliyah Grace
9th - Kaleb Ezekiel Crase
9th - Addi Jo Isbell
10th - Lucas Martyn
10th - Baby Reign
10th - Alani
10th - Jace Andrew Hovanec
11th - Noa
11th - Saoirse Weatherall
12th- Quinten Wayne Aguilera
12th - Joseph Daniel
12th - Baby Gibson
12th - Joshua
12th - Angel Leela Gonzalez
13th - Oscar James Stanley
13th - Elliana Mae & Elaya Skye
14th - 16th - Landon Yinjye Johnston
14th - Baby Bean
15th - Onyx Jan
15th - Baby Ungounga
16th - Lucas James Varady
16th - Elijah Rathamone
16th - Emelyn Joy
16th - Aria Naomi Angela Bennett
16th - Emily - Rose Heaton
18th - Everlynn Hope
18th - Evie
19th - Elijah Silva
19th - Nash Ryan
19th - Grayson James Wagner
19th - Lilah Viloet
19th - Abigail Brown
20th - Layla Karstetter
20th - Andrea Obiamalu
20th - Carter Hicks
20th - Faith Marie
20th - Isabella Sophie
20th - Baby Thompson
21st - McKenzie Evelyn Evans
21st - Chance Allen
21st- Aiden
21st - Spencer Joseph Sumeracki
22nd - Mia Rose Plumley
22nd - Cooper John
22nd - Leighton Allen Jones
22nd - Angelica Grace Farinas
22nd - Robert “Huey” Houston III
22nd - Easton Smart
22nd - Baker Sweet Peas
23rd - Kailani Hope
23rd - Jameson Murphy Moody
23rd - Levi Wyatt
25th - Tuff Clary Michael Morton
25th - Gracey Ember Heart
25th - Luca Hernandez
25th - Jude Thomas
25th - Lydia Wilhelm
25th - Brenleigh Noelle
26th - Carter Reeves Galdamez
26th - Judah Kelley
26th - Jasmine Lily Van Nimwegen
26th - Bailey Grace
26th - JJ Stoffa
26th - Josiah Reid Doyle
27th Briggs & Walker Stanton
27th Lys Giuffrida
27th - Baby Hsiung
27th - Noah Benjamin Ibarra
27th - Mehmet
28th - Mila Isianov
28th - Lex Lowther
28th - Indigo Houston
28th - Owen Kramer
28th - Jeremiah Martinez
28th - Waylon Christopher Harnisch
6.28.21-9.17.21 Anniston Marie Neumann
29th - James Leo
29th - Baby Joekel
29th - Lennon McCracken
30th - Zachary Thomas Browning
30th - Halley Mikella Bauer
30th - Xander Killian Jan
30th - Adrian James
30th - Sadie Jane Beilken
30th - Baby Ruiz

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