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This is the list of babies/children with Heavenly Birthdays in March.

Please join us in praying for these families.
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Joey Gabriel Narvaez
1st - Peyton Elizabeth
1st - E'gan Kylyn Walton
1st - Xander Owen
1st - David Victor Polak
2nd - Liam David Abbott
3rd - Ellie Paige Dungee
3rd - Eilidh Rachel Costello
4th - Ikaika Noah
4th - Baby Lopez
4th - Brittany Rose Rogers
5th - Casen Steele Riley
5th - Arlo Grace
5th - Riley Nixon
5th - Rhoan Osborne Bailey
7th - Nathaniel Alexander
7th - Wyatt Yeary
7th - Patrick Damian Brown
7th - Wyatt Timothy Cooper
7th - Collin Rockwell Gundy
8th - Jordan Alexander Phan Pomar
8th - Hannah Mae & Catherine Rose
9th - Arya
9th - Benjamin Edward Hankins
9th - Bobby Newell
9th - Summer Devi
9th - Hattie Ruth Philpot
9th - Kye
10th - Skylar Hope
10th - Croix Christopher Cox
11th - Eli Christopher
11th Lane Yinmei Johnston
11th - Hudson Oliver Knoll
12th - Lauren Sofía
12th - Baby Benesh
12th - Reece László Allen
12th - Nora Joy and Ella Grace
12th – Baby Anderson
12th - Henley Kate
12th - Heather Brown
13th - Baby Friend
13th - Genesis Luke
13th - Baby Mack
13th - Ella Iselle Vallejo
13th - Holden Anthony Scaduto
14th - Eddie Gary Gott
14th - Max Leslie Philpot
14th- Peyton Rose
14th - Maxwell Stanley Broderick
14th - Victoria Viera
15th - Liam Koenigsberg
15th - Emilia Madeline Rose Clough
15th - Liam Lucas
16th Valentina Rose
3.16.19 - 12.5.19 - Joseph Miles
17th - Emilia
17th - Savannah Marie Howard
17th - Ezra Gabriel White
18th - Grayson
18th - Tiana Rose
18th - Danny Woods
19th - Finn Levi Grainger
19th - Josephine
20th - Zachary
20th - Abigail Grace Wright
20th - Sinead Philomena Werner
20th - Remy Beau Clark
21st - Finnegan Patrick
21st - Landon James Humphrey
22nd - Elijah Soto
22nd - Camden Stephen Brice
23rd - Cody Alan Gould
23rd - Jordan Scott Berndt
23rd- Mieya Evelyn Fortier
23rd - Georgia & Wyatt Dowle
23rd - Elliot Nunn
23rd - Jaxon Alan Eckert
23th - Ivery Soto
24th - Gayatri Kanya Mandiri
24th - Stellan Ragsdale Van Leer
24th - Levi Beckett Thomas
24th - Phoebe Madalyn Horvat
24th - Rose Joy Williams
25th - Hank Robert Philabaum
25th - Emery Josiah Patterson
26th - Krishna Lanang Mandiri
26th - Kara Chase Wolfrey
26th - Michael Christopher
26th - Little Nugget
27th - Octavia Lopez
27th - Avery Lucas
27th -Ruth Elaine Penny
28th - Nathaniel James
28th - Oakley William Troup
28th - Iyla Evelynn Faye Bearden
29th - Elijah Charles
29th - Jacob Isaac Gackstetter
29th - Cecilia Elizabeth
29th - Baby M
29th - Campbell George Parker
29th - Teresa Nevaeh & Isabel Celeste
29th - Yahaya junior Tetteh
30th - Henry John Ewing
30th - Isis Elizabeth
30th - Nehemiah Knox
30th – Sloane Marie Galvin
30th - Sebastian Soto
30th - Baby McDowell
30th - Isaiah Soto
30th - Piper Lynne Bettig
31st - Julian Del Sol
31st - Saame Sami Sakopo Tonga Pahulu

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