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This is the list of babies/children with Heavenly Birthdays in May.

Please join us in praying for these families.
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Zoe Layne
1st - Baby Ray
1st - Carly Anne
1st - Miranda Isabel Araque
2nd - Noah Michael
3rd - Hannah Dube
3rd - Nash Taylor
5th - Marleigh Christine Crutcher
5th - Hudson Drake Roberts
5th - Jose Luis Salgado
8th - Shylah Hope
9th - Poppy Elizabeth Grace
10th - Eden Angel
10th - Faith & Hope
10th- Margaret Bernice McConnell
10th - Little G Rizarri
12th - Madaline Grace
13th - Chloe Tupou
13th - Elowen Evie
15th - Nathan Daniel Carper
15th - Abigail
16th - Addison Faith
16th - Baby River Jeremiah
17th - Baby “Butterfly"
18th - Harrison Axel Esquinaldo
19th - Baby Howieson
19th - Sebastian Morales
19th - Grayson Joseph Porter
20th - Ashton Stark
20th - Corbin Lewis
20th - Zoe Layne Pun
20th - Ramona Hernandez
21st - Nova Lee
23rd - Emma Rose Wing
23rd - Charlie Roy
24th - Juliet Rose
25th - Emma Lee Naylor
26th - Chase David Naylor
26th - BeLyve I. Crayton
26th - August Christopher
27th - Callum Jay
29th - TJ Rice
29th - Cash Jay-Watts
29th - Lucas Camren
30th - Avery Faith
30th - Caeden M. Espiritu
30th - Baby Sapko

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