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This is the list of babies/children with Heavenly Birthdays in November.

Please join us in praying for these families.
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Baby Skelton
Meredith Hope
1st - Kloey Madyson Beller
1st - Josie Cate
1st - Tigerlily Faith
3rd - Aurora Marie
3rd - Baby A
4th - Alfie Brave
5th - Grant
6th - Jacob Michael Jr.
9th - Nathaniel Joseph Reeves
10th - Lucy Wren Burkhart
10th - Autry & Asher
11th - Victoria Alexandria Gonzalez
12th - Madeleine Grace Klein
12th - Baby Seubert
13th - Kassandra Elizabeth
13th - Blake Jaxon Lake ​
13th - Ashton
13th - Abigail
14th - Baby Medina
14th - Kyle Kioko
14th - Ryker Montgomery
15th - Benson Wyatt, Aurli & Averette
15th - Sofia Victoria Davidson
15th - Ethan Paul and Owen Tanner
17th - James Daniel Davila
17th - Taylor
17th - Kinley Rosina
17th - James Daniel Davila
19th - Baby Davis
21st - Jager James Watson
22nd - Jaxx L. Davis
23rd - Serafina
25th - Brecken Danrek Novotny
27th - Patyn Hope
28th - Adalynn Hannele Haws
28th - Nehemiah Jared
29th - Rex
29th - Drayton Mitchell
30th - Sydney Grace

Rev: 3.28.20
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