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This is the list of babies/children with Heavenly Birthdays in October.

Please join us in praying for these families.
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1st - Dakota Santana Stahl
2nd - Joshua Jaxson Bangma
2nd - Brooke Katherine
3rd - Paige Hope
3rd - Blake
4th - Zanele Mbali Zulu
4th - Baby Roma
6th - Demi Lynn
6th - Brandon Scott Joseph
6th - Harbor William
7th - Hope Elizabeth
8th - Joshua Scott Cease
8th - Andre Thames Jr.
9th - Thea Talina York
9th - Hunter Carrillo
10th - Sean & Liam Meegan
11th - Sariah Avonlea Wingfield
13th - Amelia Crystal
13th - Lydia Jaelle Barkley
14th - Norah Katherine
14th - Blake William Neumann
14th - Mark-Gabriel Vieira
15th - Samuel Benjamin Johnson
15th - Saverio Francesco Perri Jr.
16th - Marshall Reid
17th - Leyla Marjorie Dash
17th - Remi Catherine Morton
19th - Bennet Oliver Waters
20th - Baby Nevison
20th - Baby Tadhg
20th - Gracie Laur
20th - Azarayah Felicity Ellison
21st - Theo
22nd - Frances Elizabeth
22nd - Juan Rodriguez
Sept 11/16 - Oct 22/19 - Andy James
23rd - Jonah Rain Escamilla
25th - Azailya Oaklee
25th - Noah Garren
25th - Nikson Drew
25th - Ezra Nelson Scott Jones
26th - Baby Deleon
26th - Lily Grace Victoria Pugh
26th - Michael Bezada
27th - Lola Quinn
27th - Jehielly Kaye
29th - Hailey Mae
30th - Sweet Baby Robinson
30th - Matthew James
30th - Thea Marie
31st - Baby Grayson

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