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This is the list of babies/children with Heavenly Birthdays in September.

Please join us in praying for these families.
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1st - Aaron Samuel
1st - Mason Andrew Olson
1st - Aria Monet Guinn
2nd - Karina Macedo
2nd - Brayden Riley
2nd - Stella Gloria Rose
3rd - Baby Morris
3rd - Micah August
3rd - Travis James
3rd - Grace
4th - McKinley Fayelynn Davidson
4th - Lennos Carrington
5th - Lorelai
6th - Anaiah
6th - Hallie Grace Bolduc
7th - David Glen Souther
8th - Lily Isabella Castelo Nanca
8th - Isaac Joel Brown
8th - Lois Amelia Moffatt
8th - Ethan Christopher Serrano
8th - Ethan Christopher
10th - Alexandra Renee
10th - Barrett Vincent Summy
11th - Axel Everett
11th - Olivia Grace Long
Sept 11/16 - Oct 22/19 - Andy James
12th - Irvin Angel Martinez Blanco
12th - Celeste Chigo
13th - Abigail Lynn Brown
14th - Presley Carter
14th - Hadley Marie Davis
15th - Baby Reyes
15th - Tristan Edward Burley
18th - Liam Joseph
19th - Elijah Grace Ocampo
19th - Grayson Rashaud Carroll
20th - Jude James Mitchell
21st - Haiven Faith
22nd Noah Patrick Frazer
22nd - Wyld Elmer Butler
22nd - Camila Grace
23rd - Ethan Michael
23rd - Baby Lopez
23rd - Israel Jedidiah
23rd - Santiago Marchi
9.23.2008 -11.15.2008 Julian Luis Yani
24th - Samuel Elias Garcia
24th - Madara Inez Riede
24th - Daniel Lawrence Koenig
25th - "Niko" Nikolas Ignacio Guardado
26th - John Curtis IV "Jace"
26th - Henry Ford Jacobs
28th - Diana Raleigh Hung
29th - Patrick Thomas Lane
27th - Michael
28th - Benjamin Matthew
29th - Kasen Gregory
29th - Zahra Anne Sim
30th - Chance Ponyboy Gill
30th - Troy
30th - Stella Hazel

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