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This is the list of babies/children with Heavenly Birthdays in April.

Please join us in praying for these families.
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1st - Ava Marie Milne
1st - Jane
1st - Rowan Kieran
1st - Carolina
1st - Baby Hernandez
1st-Delaney Grace Stephenson
2nd - Hudson Lane Ewing
2nd - Teddy Oliver
2nd - Laurel Kamile
2nd - Rhett Franklin
2nd - Hayden Wong
2nd - Avelyne Philip Morgan
2nd - Evie Grace
2nd - Logan Andrew Martinez
2nd - Dominick Ballard
2nd - Savannah Ray Vargas
3rd - Lova
3rd - Airlangga Lanang Mandiri
3rd- Evelyn Rae Feltner
3rd - Willa Hain Trigg
4th - Liam Joseph
4th - Gordon Howard
4th - Christopher Armand
4th - Baby Van Eck
4th - Darien Nicolas
4th - James Jospeh Scott V.
4th - Haven Reign Wilson
4th - Morgan Dale Green
5th - Archy James Darnell
5th - Jensen Grey Ridgway
5th - Evan Victor
5th- Cora Lynn
6th - Zyana
7th - Danny Elliot Kenworthy
7th -Klara
7th - Emma Lee MacWillie
7th- Harper Marie
8th - Enzo Charles Wilcox
8th - Samuel John Brubaker
8th - Mylo George Hughes
8th - Eleanor Rae
8th - A'riah Myers
9th - Ella Grace
9th - Emma Elizabeth Hernandez
9th - Lubbertus van de Raad
9th - Cael Noah Cortes
9th - Allegra Diez - Phillips
10th - Oliver Robert Palma
10th - Guilherme Silva Cardoso
10th - Daniel and Michael Gannon
10th - Atlas Roa Powell
10th - Baby Golden
11th - Baby Eneriz
11th - Almonte Gomez Twins
11th - Herma Ross
11th - Hadley Elizabeth
11th - Cian Ward
12th - Ava Grace Lopez
12th - Hannah Catherine Delaney
12th - Kira Elise
12th - Hope Hankins
12th - Max James Gibbs
12th-19th - Daniela Martinez
13th - Ella Makenzie
13th - Lincoln Matthew
13th - Alfie Jonathan Brown
13th - Lavender
14th - Landon Glenn
14th – Asher John
14th - Solomon Douglas Morrow
14th - Jesus Sebastian Flores
14th - Baby Boy McDowell
14th - Noah Goddard
14th - Ezra Thomas Hines
15th - Marco Cordova
15th - Angel
16th - Owen Robason
16th - Bentley Ryan Gomes
17th - Celine Spoerer
17th - Estrella
17th - Alex Adreen
17th - Mia Isabel
17th - Ophelia
19th - Elaina Grace
20th - Bay M
20th - Hazel Adaline
20th - Rhea Sunshine Simpson
20th - Luke Bulovcsak
20th - Baby Grace
21st - Phoenix Emerald
21st - Alexis Brianna Griego
21st - Dalun Roderick Reid Wood
21st - Isabella Joy Caballero
21st - Bodhi Cain
21st - Gideon Noah Freamon
22nd - Baby Girl Hartman
23rd - Kaia
23rd - Michele Leia
24th - Baby Dunlap
24th - Autumn Rae
24th - Leonel Neto
April 24th - May 5th - Alexandria Jade
25th - Baby Beau
25th - Colton Thomas Juchniewicz
25th - Kelly Kade Nuttall
25th - Ezra Thomas Alexander
25th - Anna Maria Labadie
26th - Isabella Marie
26th - Ryan Christopher Conley
26th - Edward Alexander
27th - Everly Mae Carusi
27th - Avery Hope Borok
27th - Stella RoseAnn
27th - Baby Girl McDowell
28th - Jett Dean Lorence
28th - Baby H#2
29th - Mabel Grace
29th - Michael Paul Foltin
29th - Banks Austyn Matthews
29th - Eddie Ovid Rodriquez Jr.
30th - Piper Eden
30th - Baby Sarafin
30th - Everson James Fisher

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