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Family Tree Prints
Flying birds remember loved ones who have passed on.
Watercolor effect ultrasounds created from your images
Beautiful true-to-size hand and footprints with birth details
A touching and elegant memorial gift
Baby in Hands Collection
A precious remembrance print

Welcome to A Beautiful Remembrance

We offer a beautiful selection of thoughtful, comforting gifts for those grieving the loss of a child through death, stillbirth, and miscarriage. We are deeply sorry for whatever circumstances have brought you here for a memorial print. I pray that each gift will bring some comfort to the family who has lost a loved one. 

How to Answer the Question - How many children do you have?

How to Answer the Question - How many children do you have?

As a Loss Parent, how should you answer the question - How many children do you have?  On Instagram and Facebook, we usually post a heart question to the loss community once a week. Recently we posted the question “What do you say when someone asks you how many children you have?”.  We had a flood of responses. 

We can summarize the answers with one common theme. How you answer this depends on who is asking and how you are feeling at that particular point in time.

So many of you gave this advice: You should answer however you feel comfortable (which is not the same every time), with no pressure to disclose everything and if you choose to respond including your heavenly baby/babies you do not have to feel responsible for the other person’s reaction or lack of. Guard your hearts if you choose to share, not everyone understands what your life is like as a loss parent & they may react in a negative or awkward way. It's okay when this happens loss mom, it stings but remember you are not alone in this.

One mom ended her answer with this thought which I think is a fantastic idea for everyone “I do wish people would reframe their question and instead say “tell me about your family” to give you the option of how to approach it 💛”

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Nothing is  Beyond Redemption (Article by Vaneetha Rendall Risner)

Nothing is Beyond Redemption (Article by Vaneetha Rendall Risner)

I pull into the driveway, and I’m undone yet again at seeing my stunning camellia bush. This simple shrub that has weathered many storms, has taught me to hope, even when all seems lost.

Almost 16 years ago, I put in a little garden outside my window. Everything in it was dedicated to our infant son Paul who had died. The camellia bush, a butterfly bush, and countless flowers all graced the yard in honor of our precious son. When we moved, we got permission to take the camellia, which blooms around the time of Paul’s death. We planted it in the perfect place, directly in front of our new home.

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Is My Baby in Heaven (written by Ben King)

Is My Baby in Heaven (written by Ben King)

Experiencing the death of a loved one is always painful, but there is a special kind of grief associated with the loss of a child. It strikes so powerfully at our hearts reminding us of the truth – the truth we all know but spend much of our lives trying to ignore. Death is an intruder, an enemy, an evil that rips from us the ones we love the most. And when the one that is ripped from us is a child, we are left not only with pain and grief, but with unfulfilled hopes, the broken promise of memories that were never made, and with the sadness of knowing what could have been but never will be. Moreover, the loss of a child may cause us to begin asking really big and overwhelming questions. Is there a God? If there is a God, how could he let something like this happen? Does God care about my baby? Where is my baby now?
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